Welcome to Blue Waters Restaurants! Our company operates upscale Caribbean inspired seafood restaurants. The high quality meals prepared by our chefs provide a memorable experience. We have created a family within our business, which passes on to our customers. You will taste it in our food with “one of a kind” recipes.

Welcome to The Blue

The owners goal here at Blue Waters was to create a health conscious restaurant that serves fresh, flavorful, and cooked to order Caribbean and seafood cuisines. His decision to eat healthier was life changing. He battled to change the eating habits of his family as well. His mother began having stomach and digestion issues causing her to finally change her diet. At that point, the light bulb clicked. This was a larger issue than he ever imagined. He realized the importance of a more health conscience restaurant to serve the community, especially with none located in Camp Springs or the surrounding area. It became apparent that the selection to place Blue Waters in this community was the perfect choice to provide organic, non-gmo, gluten free, vegan and non-dairy options.


Along with reggae and Red Stripe, jerk has become a Jamaican national icon. Originally conceived by runaway slaves, jerk is meat marinated in a piquant sauce and then slow-cooked over a pimento-wood fire. Chicken and pork are traditional, but nowadays Jamaicans will prepare anything jerk-style, including goat, mutton, beef, shrimp and even fish. Boston Bay, near the island’s eastern tip, is celebrated for its roadside jerk stalls. The smoky aroma of the barbecue pits has spread across the island, other parts of the Caribbean, and nations across the globe. 

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Meet The Chefs

Blue Waters Caribbean is an upscale contemporary restaurant, specializing in authentic Caribbean and Seafood cuisines prepared fresh, flavorful, and cooked to order by our amazing chefs.

In Memory - Darius Lawrence Montgomery 8/1975 - 10/2016

The talented and gifted Chef Darius was an integral part of the formation for Blue Waters to be in existence. His awesome creativeness, delighting personality, delicious meals, and true blue brotherhood inspired the movement to keep pushing forward in memory of Darius. We love you Darius, brothers for life! Darius is being remembered through the Darius Lawrence Montgomery Foundation (DLM) http://www.dlmfoundation.org/darius--story.html , please visit the website for further information.


Blue Waters has an expansive menu of signature soups, salads, appetizers, Caribbean specialties and seafood fresh from the dock to the table for you to Savor The Real Flavor!

What People Say About Us


“We love Your place! Garfield made snapper to die for. 10 Stars. We go to Jamaica twice a year he makes it better.”

M. Mazza

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6349 Old Branch Avenue, Temple Hills Maryland 20748
Sunday 12 Noon – 7pm
Monday through Thursday 12 Noon - 8pm
Friday & Saturday 12 Noon - 9pm